Three Reasons to Switch to Weighted Blankets Sydney

Do you have a hard time sleeping? Don’t you envy that friend of yours who falls asleep at any given moment? It’s hard when you can’t fall asleep even when you feel tired. But what if we told you that we have the answer to your sleeping woes? That’s right; this one product will help you achieve better sleep not only for a night or two – but forever. We’re talking about weighted blankets Sydney, and we have three reasons why you should switch to these fantastic wonder sheets.


Improves Sleep


Let’s start with the not-so-secret benefit. The weighted blanket helps you sleep by “tucking you in like a baby.” What we mean by this is that the added weight serves as a pressure that resembles a warm and cozy hug that helps release serotonin – a neurotransmitter that signals the brain that you need to go to sleep. By triggering this hormone, you will achieve better sleep since your regulating your mind to deliver the message to the entire body that it’s time to shut down and re-energise. Before you know it, you’ll be sleeping no anytime you want without a struggle.



Calms Your Body Down


Are you having a hard time falling asleep because your brain doesn’t calm down even when you’re already trying to relax and go to sleep? If so, weighted blankets Sydney can help you with your problem. People with sleeping problems tend to lie down at night, assuming that they’re ready to sleep. However, their brain thinks otherwise as it’s still buzzing with different thoughts and is still ready for action. With a weighted blanket, you can reduce your nervous system activity. In turn, you’ll experience your brain calming down and accurately adapting to what you want, which is to go to sleep. When looking for a weighted blanket, make sure that the weight is precisely ten per cent your body weight to ensure the right amount of pressure.



Weighted Blanket Improves Focus


While this may be a bit surprising to most of you, it’s a fact. A recent study that experimented on a group of students, Group A being the ones who use weighted blankets, and Group B the ones who don’t. The studies concluded that Group A students are more focused and sharper during class activities as opposed to Group B studies who struggle to focus on anything at all in school. This study shows that while it may not make sense at first glance, weighted blankets does improve focus.


Weighted blankets Sydney isn’t just your typical blanket. It does more than cover you while you sleep. If you struggle trying to get to sleep, invest in a weighted blanket today and experience the incredible difference that it brings.