Advantages of the No. 1 Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Adelaide Systems

If you’ve heard about reverse-cycle air conditioners, then you’re already aware that it’s one of the best air conditioning units available out there. It offers a lot of advantages and perks that you will undoubtedly enjoy. One of these features – which also happens to be its main selling point – is its ability to both cool and heat your home. Here are some of the advantages that you can get from getting reverse cycle #1 air conditioning Adelaide:


1.) The Obvious – Warmer Winters, Cooler Summers

Ditch big fans that tend to occupy so much space inside your house. While we’re on the topic, you should also ditch cumbersome gas heaters as well. Reverse cycle air conditioning system does both of these features for you. What’s more, is that it does it even better than the separate systems. It’s also a much more energy-efficient heating technique than conventional heaters. A reverse cycle air conditioner don’t explicitly create heat energy. Instead, it cleverly absorbs heat from the air outside to warm or cool the air inside your home.



2.) Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning System

Modern-day reverse cycle #1 air conditioning Adelaide systems are incredibly energy-efficient, even in the most extreme conditions. To put it into perspective, a single kilowatt of electricity consumer will generate three or more kilowatts of cooling or heating. Not only that, but they also can efficiently recycle air more than a dozen times an hour. What this means is that all the benefits of a smaller reverse cycle unit in each room – minus the expensive monthly electric bill.


3.) They Offer Different Zoning Capabilities

If you’re wondering why this matters, here’s why. Because you can turn on your air conditioning unit for only a particular part of your house that you want to be cooled or heated, instead of the entire house. Not only is it more convenient but it will also save you a lot of money on your energy consumption. You could, for instance, concentrate the heating/cooling inside the living room during the day, and in your bedroom at night. You can also heat/cool only the first or second floor of your house. It could be where you’re working or where your children are playing. That way, you won’t have to waste energy and money on floors that are not being used.

So as you can see, reverse cycle #1 air conditioning Adelaide is the most convenient type of air conditioning system available right now. Experience all its perks and advantages when you install one for your home. Call us today to order a reverse cycle AC unit and have our experts install it for you.