Sliding Door Systems

A sliding door is simply a kind of door that opens sideways by sliding, most commonly in line with a fixed wall. Sliding doors are normally mounted either above or on top of some sort of track above and sometimes ‘disappear’ into a room when smoothly slid open. Sliding doors Adelaide are often used as entry doors where the door frame can swing out and then swings back in to allow you to use the room as normal. Sometimes they’re also used for patio doors, patio sliding doors and garden gates. Most homes have a garage attached to the house, and these doors are often fitted with a sliding door.

Sliding Doors AdelaideSome sliding doors are top hung, meaning that you have to pull the door up to let the person in and pull it down again to close it. The doors are normally mounted on tracks, which run along with the ceiling. They are very easy to install and are very economical, especially if you go for a bottom roller type door. Top hung doors use a hydraulic system and are much heavier than the sliding doors Adelaide, so they are often best suited to larger garage spaces and are also better equipped to cope with awkward situations like a sharp turn in the garage or a sharp turn on the road.

Sliding doors that operate with a fixed panel are a popular choice for residential usage. One problem with a fixed panel is the possibility of the door becoming stuck in between the panels. It can result in the door becoming stuck and becoming useless. A cheap fix for this is to slide the panels back by hand or use a power slide mechanism. These mechanisms are not very common but can be found on some sliding door models.

There is also a variety of sliding door systems that use roller tracks. Check it out here. These tracks allow the user to slide along a guide rail that guides the door up and down along a path that is pre-plotted. There is usually a stop just before the sliding door at the top to stop the slide. It allows you to place a heavy object on the top, such as a bed, without the risk of the sliding door becoming stuck. The track system can also be fitted to horizontal sliding doors Adelaide and allows the user to slide along a horizontal line along the track.