How Physiotherapists Can Help with Foot Sprains

Soccer is a trendy sport in Australia. In Adelaide, there are many soccer clubs that children and adults of all ages can join. While this sport is prevalent in the country, foot sprains can also happen during games. If you are a soccer player who often experiences sprains, you may want to consider Physio Adelaide.


Physiotherapy is a world-recognised form of treatment that focuses on healing and rehabilitation without the use of prescribed drugs. This treatment makes use of heat, exercise, and massage instead of the common over-the-counter pain and swelling preventive pills.


Sprains can be painful and could also keep a player off the field for days or even weeks. Depending on the severity of the strain, an expert in Physio Adelaide can offer rehabilitation methods that will help during recovery.



Most of the injuries and sprains that soccer players experience are in the lower extremities of the body. Physiotherapists will develop an exercise and rehabilitation plan that will help a patient recover safely without triggering further problems on the affected areas.


Since soccer is a very physical sport, a player’s body should still be active on a careful level even after a sprain. Physio experts will only recommend exercises and programs that will not push a patient beyond what he can accomplish at the moment.


Pain management is one of the core foundations of physiotherapy. With the treatment, patients don’t have to stress over the possibilities of becoming stagnant due to pain. Instead, helpful but straightforward exercises will improve the body’s mobility in an escalating manner.


Among the physio exercises that your specialist can recommend is stretching. Even the smallest movements of stretching can help the muscles around the affected area recover. Stretching will also remind your body of the things it used to do before you the strain took place.


Pilates is an exercise that many soccer players who sprained their feet indulge in during recovery. Not only does this physio exercise help the feet recover, but it also promotes better posture. You will soon realise that you feel better than you were before the injury.


Specialised massage sessions will also be offered by your physiotherapist while your sprain recovers. These massages can help loosen up parts of the feet that went stiff due to prolonged stationary positions.


Physiotherapy is a soccer player’s best friend. Even if you don’t have an injury, you should still regularly visit your therapist for advice on preventing injuries through proper exercises. Not every workout will work for you. You can ask your therapist to develop a customised program that should help improve your body’s functions, strength, and endurance. Consult with your local specialist today!