Asbestos Testing Adelaide – DIY and Frequently Asked Questions

Every year, the MPA Group Asbestos Testing Adelaide Laboratory analyses about 15,000 samples of older flooring drywalls, ceiling tiles, joint compound, attic insulation, pipe insulation, and all other materials for asbestos contamination. This article is a collection of frequently asked questions about our process. We’ve provided you with our answers for each one.



  • What materials should be checked for asbestos

It’s essential to check every material that you will break, cut, or disturb during a building renovation project. As long as you don’t touch or tamper with it, asbestos is relatively safe. Test only what you’re planning to work with. However, for general information, we often find asbestos in drywall compounds and vinyl flooring. The complete list of materials can be found on this page.


  • Why is asbestos toxic and considered dangerous?

When you unknowingly disturb an asbestos-containing material, it can potentially release billions of toxic fibres. These fibres can potentially damage your lungs and cause lung-related problems such as cancer.


  • What construction materials may contain asbestos?

Asbestos was a popular construction material before. It later became unpopular because it contains dangerous substances when disturbed. However, that doesn’t mean production for asbestos-containing building materials is obsolete. We prepared an illustrated list of construction materials that may contain asbestos. Click this link to access this list.


  • Are there any materials that don’t contain asbestos?

Yes. So far, we have never seen any asbestos contamination in wood, glass, steel, red brick, and porcelain.


  • Until when was asbestos used in construction?

As mentioned earlier, asbestos was a popular building material back then – dating back to the 1930s. It was used as a fire retardant and insulator. However, it stopped by 1985 when it was found to contain health-threatening substances. Since then, asbestos is no longer used for construction.


We only need a few grams of asbestos-containing material. For most substances, this is the size of a teaspoon. An exception is a vermiculite, which is commonly used as attic insulation. For this one, we’ll need a cup full of vermiculite. Check this article for more details.

  • What is the cost of asbestos testing in construction materials?

In our lab, the price starts at $25 per sample. It will usually last for seven business days. You can check out our services page to get a free quote. You can also request a price list for our different services.