EMF Meters and Ghosts

The original and practical purpose of an electromagnetic field or EMF meter is for the diagnosis of problems related to electrical wiring and power lines. The same device is used likewise for getting specific readings on working appliances. But since you are interested in this post, it means you probably have heard a thing or two about an EMF meter used by professional ghost hunters.

emf meterSo, why do EMF meters a common sight in a ghost hunter’s toolkit? In figuring out the connection between the device and that of finding ghosts, it is essential that you know what the instrument is used to measure as well as the different types. Yes, the popularity of EMF meters for paranormal exploration is undeniable, but it is something that has some valid explanation to it. If you are interested in learning the connection, check here for info:

The device or instrument detects fields produced once an electrically charged object moves. The theory governing this process called “electromagnetic field theory” details about the combination of the electric field created by a charged object and that of a magnetic field created once that same object starts moving. There was a time when scientists had no choice but to separate electric fields to that of magnetic fields, but they eventually realised that the combination of the two best represents what happens in the real world.

Creating electromagnetic fields means utilising alternating current and direct current with varying results. The EMF meter serves the purpose of measuring the fields produced by alternating current. It is the same electricity that surges in appliances like TV and microwave ovens. The electricity will move back and forth about 50 times per second. On the other hand, a direct current field is stationary, and the best example is that of the planet’s magnetic field. Therefore, most EMF meters today will not measure it.

The most prominent uses for an EMF meter are that of diagnosing problems related to power lines and electrical wiring. It is within this scope that professional ghost hunters consider it as an essential device or tool for them to do their job. What they look for with the help of the instrument are the spikes in the EMF signal. The peaks are indicative of a change in the electrical current, which they interpret as a spirit. The link between EMF and the existence of ghosts is indeed a prominent notion, but there is no hard scientific evidence that connects or links the two.

However, there also is no proof that the two elements are not connected. There is research that suggests that high electromagnetic field strength usually relates to personal experiences with ghosts or hauntings. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that the measurement is from an observer and not a subject like a ghost. For more information about these instruments, click on this website.