The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Buying Shoes for your Wedding

You consider your wedding as something like an entire day of fun and excitement as a bride to be. You have to ensure that your footwear is up for the challenge, especially that you will most likely have to spend most of the day on your feet.

Picking an uncomfortable pair is one mistake that you must avoid when shopping for a wedding shoe.

Womens shoesA long day of standing, walking, greeting relatives and dancing with your new life partner will happen on your wedding day. Thus, it is crucial to have Womens shoes that can endure all of those. Your best bet will be to choose a smaller heel if you dream of wearing a pair of heels with your dress. Keep in mind that no one wishes to trip while walking down the aisle during their wedding day.

A smart and practical way to go to your wedding day is wearing a shoe with a lower heel. Its heel height will never be a disadvantage because it will still make you look fabulous. If you still insist on wearing a heel without having to worry about sore feet at the end of the day, a 2 ½ inch heel height is perfect.

Moreover, depending on the location of your reception, you can allow yourself to walk around barefooted. However, if the location is formal, it is never ideal that you wear high heels for the entire evening as rest assured that it would not work out fine. Also, while you are getting glammed up by your glam squad, it won’t be practical to wear high heels.

Always remember that the best choice for a pre-wedding ceremony is a comfy pair of slippers. Then, to bring out the inner princess in you, you can change into a glamorous pair of high heels for the ceremony. Besides, to capture that picture-perfect first kiss, it is always a bonus to be an extra couple of inches taller.

You may also think that matching your shoes to your dress isn’t a big deal, especially if you are wearing a floor-length gown. However, you should strive for a perfect, cohesive look on your wedding day, especially if you after taking some cute photos of your wedding shoes. Thus, before you decide on your dress, it might be in your best interest to pick your footwear.

One that will determine your height on your wedding day is the Womens shoes you will wear. Thus, you need to ensure that the dress is still going to reach the floor if you are planning to rock a pair of six-inch heels. Also, you must be sure that your feet are covered if you are going barefoot because it won’t look pretty that way.