When to See A Podiatrist Adelaide If Your Feet Give You Pain

Many people don’t realise the importance of their feet until they start to feel pain or dysfunction in their lower extremities. If you are someone that also thinks this way, then be aware. Ignoring your feet for too long will develop several complications. Before you know it, you already have difficulties in walking. Before you let this happen, you should see a podiatrist Adelaide if your feet are starting to give you grief. Here are some signs that indicate the need to see a podiatrist:



A Subtle Deformity That Progresses Suddenly

If a somewhat minor deformity starts to get worse in a matter of days, then you need to see a podiatrist right away. An excellent example of such deformity is Charcot arthropathy. This foot problem occurs whenever you start to develop diabetes. Charcot signs and symptoms include redness, pain, and a swollen foot. If you ignore this foot disease, it can potentially break your bones and slip out of place. If you leave it untreated, your bones will heal, but it will result in a bad position which causes a massive foot deformity. That’s why you should see a podiatrist right away.


Flat Foot

One of the most common reasons why people see a podiatrist Adelaide is because of flat-footedness. If you notice that one or two of your feet seem flattened, this could be a sign of a tendon dysfunction, which can eventually result in a rupture. A tendon that isn’t working well can lead to the bones not being lined up. It can cause arthritis in your lower joints. Treating the tendon problem with podiatry will prevent any further damage to your joints.


A Lump That Grows & Starts to Hurt

If you’re starting to notice a lump that grows bigger by the day and begins to be painful, you should look seeing a podiatrist Adelaide right away. It may turn out to be a severe type of cyst. Also, there could also be a chance for it to be something more severe such as a tumour. While tumours that grow on the foot are rare, they do sometimes occur. With the help of a podiatrist, you’ll be better prepared for the worse.


These are only a glimpse of the signs indicating the need for podiatry treatment. Get a full list by visiting our website and accessing our case study about feet problems and how podiatry can help solve them all.