A Look At A TENS Machine And Its Different Applications

The TENS machine Australia is a short form for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It applies a strong electric current produced by some machine to stimulate the peripheral nerves for therapeutic purposes. Normally, the electrical current is applied when pain is felt, and the electric current passes through the body. Sometimes, the current may be too strong to the point that there will be a burning sensation. Conversely, when the electric current is too low, there will be nothing felt. Thus, it is different from the other forms of electrical stimulation, known as invasive or superficial.

TENS machine AustraliaTENS machines do not use any needle when delivering the electrical current to the patient. Instead, electrodes are placed on the skin at various levels which are connected to the machine. It provides various methods of delivering the stimulus, such as the common practice of placing the electrodes directly on the skin or using the fingertips to deliver the stimulation.

In the case of the TENS machine Australia, a small electrode pad is placed directly over the painful area. The patient must apply pressure on this pad to move it across the skin. A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator can relieve chronic pain and can even be used to treat spasticity. The electrodes are placed over the skin surface, and they deliver the stimulation bypassing the electricity through the skin. The current applied is in the form of gentle and mild electric current.

Some TENS machines are designed to operate using only light electrical current, which is considered safer than electrical current as there are no wires involved. In addition, some manufacturers of TENS machines use disposable pads or other material pads, which are easily disposable. However, there is no guarantee that these pads are safe to use and may also cause irritation or itching sensations to the patient.

A TENS machine may be used to provide temporary pain relief during labour, delivery or emergencies. When used in labour situations, they help reduce pain intensity because they reduce the number of contractions. The main benefit of using a tens machine in labour situations is that they allow the woman (or man) to resume their normal lifestyle activities. Many patients also find that this method of pain relief provides better than physical pain relief because the machine provides a distraction from the acute pain experienced during labour.

TENS machine Australia can be used for different purposes. For example, portable TENS machines, including the common TENS mask, are useful in providing temporary pain relief when a patient is involved in a car accident. In addition, TENS pads can be used to treat spasticity. TENS electrodes are placed on the scalp, under the arms or in many other areas of the body where pain occurs. When the patient moves their hands, the electrodes signal the nervous system to provide the desired amount of electrical current. Some patients have found that applying these electrical treatments to specific parts of their body helps relax the muscles and decrease the amount of tension that develops in the body’s muscles.