Do-it-yourself Pest Control Methods Adelaide that You Can do at Home

Despite all of our differences, we can all agree that pests are an absolute nightmare to have at Home. They bring nothing but negative impacts to your Home. They can potentially add problems to your house and can potentially destroy it if left unchecked. However, there are ways you can perform DIY pest control Adelaide. While centred around local homeowners, these methods are proven-tested by certified professionals. Continue reading to discover these effective do-it-yourself pest control methods.


Start at the Source

Prevention is always better than dealing with pests when they get out of control. To make sure you avoid attracting pests to your house, make sure you do the following tips:


  1. Wipe down your countertops and other surfaces in your kitchen with a solution of one part water and one-part vinegar. This mixture will remove food odours and small particles that gets left behind.
  2. Fix faucet leaks right away. Different kinds of insects are attracted to leaks since they need moisture to survive.
  3. Make sure your drains are free and clear from leftover food. Add half a cup of baking soda with a half-cup of vinegar down the drain. Wait for five minutes before pouring boiling water to clear everything out.
  4. Transfer your dried goods to sealed containers or jars.
  5. Rinse milk cartons, juice containers, sauce jars, etc. before putting it in the recycle bin.
  6. Make sure your trash can have a lid.


Ways to Deal with Pests Head On

All-Purpose Spray

This all-purpose spray can eliminate different kinds of pests. To make this all-around pest control spray, add two tablespoons of liquid peppermint castile soap to a gallon of water. Spray the mixture on your countertops baseboards and any other area where pests ten to live or pass through.


Keep Bugs Out with Essential Oils

Essential oils can also be great for pest control Adelaide. Mix two and a half teaspoons oil with a cup of grain alcohol in an empty spray bottle. Here are some of the essential oils and the corresponding pests that they can eliminate:

  • Citronella – mosquitoes
  • Geranium – mosquitoes and flies
  • Lemon Eucalyptus – mosquitoes
  • Lavender – mosquitoes, ticks, flies, fleas, chiggers
  • Patchouli – gnats
  • Lemongrass – mosquitoes, ticks, flies, fleas, chiggers
  • Rosemary – fleas, ticks
  • Peppermint – ants, spiders
  • Tea Tree – ants, mosquitoes



Mist throughout your home using the spray mixture that contains the ideal essential oil for eliminating a particular type of pest.


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