Air Conditioning Hire – What You Need to Know

It is that time of the year again when the sun begins to shine through the office windows resulting in uncomfortable working conditions, making the staff start thinking of a well-shaded garden instead of concentrating on their duties. Air conditioning cannot help with the wandering minds of the employees, but it can help create comfortable office working environment.

Air conditioning is something that needs to be installed permanently in the office. However, there is also air conditioning hire Adelaide that you can rent such as portable air conditioning units, evaporative cooler, fans and chillers – all of which can help create a comfortable working condition in the office. All these systems can be hired for varying durations of time depending on your requirements. Let us look at them.

Portable air conditioner hire

These compact AC units are refrigeration-based and are mobile that can cool off a room or a part of it. There are different types of air conditioners – split units, single hosed, double hosed, and others. Many companies will choose to use these on a temporary basis – maybe after the failure of an existing air conditioning system.

Fan hire

This somehow self-explanatory – fans are normally used to cool reasonably small areas. They work to create air flow by utilising rotating blades. Fan hire or rental is often a short-term solution to a warm office environment. It can serve as you look forward to repairing your broken AC system or install a new one.

Evaporative coolers

The evaporative coolers are alternative cooling units that cool air by evaporating water. They are more cost-effective than the standard air conditioning units. However, their efficiency depends on the climate.

Chiller rental

Chillers are AC systems in which heat is removed from a liquid and circulated through a heat exchanger to cool the surrounding air. There are various types of chillers available in the market today, with the wattage of the unit determining the size of the space that can be cooled.

There are different models for all of these cooling systems, and so it is recommended you approach a reputable air conditioning hire Adelaide company who can advise you on the most appropriate AC unit to use. Air conditioning and cooling units can also be hired for events, schools, shops, exhibitions, restaurants, kitchens, and many other places where air conditioning may be required. Whatever the building, ensure that you maintain a healthy temperature during summer – this way, you can appreciate the sunshine and also improve your performance.