Is It Time for a New Fence on your Property?

It does not matter if your house is old or new; the fact remains that you need a fence to protect it. Fencing may not be on your list of priorities right now, but it is something you must consider sooner than later. If you have an existing fence, you also must contemplate on hiring professional fencing contractors Melbourne to figure out if it needs replacement. Keep in mind that even if you invested in a modern and durable fence, there’s no way that it will last forever.

So, if you suspect that you need a new one, but you’re not sure about the timing, then let us enlighten you with the signs pointing to the new for a new fence.

1 – There are visible holes found in the wooden fence.

For the wood fence, the wood posts must be solid from top to bottom. So, if you notice some holes in some of the posts, they may be caused by insects or termites. Be reminded that insect damage will weaken the fence over time and could crumble the structure in the future. In case it’s an isolated incident, then you can save the fence if you replace the affected boards. For the most part, though, you will need to build a new fence to get rid of the insect damage.

2 – Your fence starts leaning.

You may think that an outward or inward leaning fence is a quick fix, but it’s not always a straightforward repair job. Yes, there are times when you can straighten the supports to get the fencing to sit upright. But then again, there potentially is a more significant underlying issue that requires the services of FencingContractors Melbourne. The leaning may be a result of weakened fence posts, which will warp or crumble eventually. Instead of putting a bandage on the problem, you must consider putting up a new fence instead.

3 – There’s tree growth near the fence.

There’s a legitimate explanation for you to be concerned about the presence of trees along the fence line. Know that the branches, trunks, and especially the roots can cause irreparable damage, regardless of the type of fence you have.

You may minimise or prevent potential damage by trimming the tree, but that is as far as you can go. If you have an annoying tree on your property that’s damaging your fence, then you have no choice but to remove the old fence and replace it with a new one.

Finally, be sure you let the professional fencing contractors Melbourne do the job of replacing an old fence. Even if you are overly confident that you can do it, the truth is that fencing is never a do-it-yourself type of home improvement project.