Shade Sails & Installations Adelaide – How to Install a Shade Sail

If you’ve clicked this article, it’s because you probably wanted to know how to install a shade sail. If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Shade sails & installations Adelaide isn’t as complicated as installing other outdoor features. However, it still deserves some discussion. But before you start the installation process, you must determine the most suitable location for your shade sail. Take into account the details mentioned below:




Before you commence the installation process, you must consider the most suitable locations for your shade sail. Take into account the following factors:


  • Size of your shade sail
  • Strength of the existing structures that you intend to anchor the points
  • Viability of inserting fixing posts
  • Location of the barbecue grilling area
  • The direction of the sun at specific points of the day.


Shade Sails & Installations Adelaide Tips to Keep in Mind


Before you begin, there are certain vital factors that you need to consider before you get started. Let’s take a closer look:


Determine the Correct Fixing Points


Once you’ve identified the exact location for your shade sail, determine the ideal fixing point for its corners. Some of these fixing points could already exist like a sundeck or a pergola, fascia, or a large tree. In other cases, you’ll need to establish specifically for your shade sail. Keep in mind that this stage will be critical as you’ll need to ensure that all fixing points are structurally sound. If you’re unsure of where you should place your fixing points, get some expert advice from a builder or engineer.


Building Permits and Approvals


Before the installation process, check with your local authorities and determine if you’ll need any relevant building regulations when installing your shade sail. You can click here to make an inquiry now.


Choose the Ideal Fixing Accessories


There are extensive ranges of fixing accessories that are available right now. These accessories will help secure your shade sail in place. They are also readily available from your local hardware store.


Note of Warning


Shade sails are designed to provide ultraviolet protection and comfort in whatever area you install it. When selecting the ideal position for your shade sail, make sure all fixing points are installed well and are structurally sound. They should be tightly secured in their respective posts.


Shade sails & installations Adelaide isn’t as hard as you would think, as long as you know the process of doing it. For more tips and guides on installing other outdoor structures, click here.