Questions You Should Ask Your Prospective Driving School

Selecting the right driving school can be confusing. There are many options to choose from, and you really dont know which one has the best to offer. Thats why you must ask the right questions. 

The right questions will give you important information about the school. At the same time, you can also narrow down your list to only the best in your area.

driving-schoolTo give you an idea of what questions you should ask, here are some of the frequently asked questions that we get. Along with that, we will also provide our response to these queries.

Do I have to come to your driving school for lessons?

Yes and no. If you want to, you can come to our office. But if you cant, we can have our instructors come to you instead. We offer pick up and drop off from home, work, or school. It really depends on your preference.

Are there other students in the car during my driving lesson?

No. Only you and your driving instructor will be inside the car during your driving lessons. All training is going to be one-on-one. However, if youre a complete beginner, you will spend time with other students in a classroom setting. But once you transition to one-on-one training, the only person in the car other than yourself will be your driving instructor.

What car is used for my driving lessons?

All training will be done in the driving school car. This vehicle is equipped with a brake and a rear-view mirror on the instructors side. That way, your instructor will also have partial control of the car during your sessions.

Also, depending on the driving course youre enrolling in, you will be driving either a manual or an automatic transmission vehicle. You will get to choose your preferred option during registration.

Are the training vehicles marked and labelled?

Yes, all driving school cars are marked with the label, STUDENT DRIVER” on each side. There will also be labels on the back and front. These labels will ensure that other drivers along the road are aware that you are a student driver who is still learning how to drive. That way, they will make the necessary adjustments when you are nearby.

Are the training vehicles insured and licensed?

Yes. The driving school has the required insurance and is compliant with state laws. Our vehicles are also licensed to make sure you wont encounter any problem during your lessons.

Can I bring my phone?

Yes, you can. However, We advise that you put it on silent mode during your driving lessons. We discourage any unwanted distractions for maximum learning.

Do I get a certificate after I complete my training?

Yes. All students that complete the minimum six hours of driving lessons will receive a certificate of completion.


These are the frequently asked questions that weve received so far. Make sure you also ask the same questions when inquiring to `your preferred driving school.