Benefits of Split AC Systems

Single air conditioners or heat pumps may do for one particular room in your home or office, but if you have a large area to cover and want to have even cooling throughout, you cannot go past Fujitsu split system.

As the name suggests, split air conditioners comprise of two separate but complementary systems to distribute cold air throughout a home or building. The first system is a cooling tower. This system cools water to 4-5 degrees Celsius before being passed on through piping. The cooling tower is installed externally to the building, in most cases it is on the roof of a building. The second system is the internal distribution system. Once the water is cold, it is passed through a network of pipes to the air handlers which push the water-cooled air into the interior of the building or home.

The most apparent advantage of the split system is the even distribution of fresh air. Many AC systems may be useful, but only regarding the specific area they are servicing. Due to the nature of the split AC unit, all areas of the building or house are seen to evenly, creating a constant temperature and no walking from warm to cold rooms.

As mentioned above, the main component of the split AC system, the cooling tower, is located outdoors. It is a significant benefit when you have limited space in your office. The second component, while being inside the building, is unobtrusive and requires no actual floor space. The space-saving advantages speak for themselves.

The split air conditioner system is famous for its efficiency, a benefit that will save you money and give you that greener feel. One large unit servicing the whole building or home will run cheaper than several smaller AC systems. Imagine the hassle of having to turn on each AC system separately. Now, imagine the running cost of all these small units cooling at the same time. Moreover, unless they were all kept continuously at the same temperature, they would be working against each other which means you will spend more money on electricity bills.

Maintenance is another critical consideration. You have got one unit to worry about, not dozens. Keeping up with regular maintenance is simple, and if you keep up with the schedule and have your AC system checked out at least once a year, your split AC system will stand the test of time.

You should consider installing Fujitsu split system for maximum efficiency, ease of use and environmental friendliness. The only thing you will have to worry about is what temperature to set it to. However, remember to buy your split AC unit from a reliable dealer and be sure to get a warrant for the same. An expert should also do the installation.