Safety Concerns that Lead to Palm Tree Removal

There are many things that you can do to ensure that your palm tree is healthy and safe. This includes pruning, trimming, shaving, and the like. However, sometimes these are not enough to save your palm tree, and you will have to remove it. One of the primary reasons why you can have your palm tree is removed is safety concerns. This article will look at some safety concerns that can necessitate a palm tree removal.

Safety of your family

Once your palm tree is old, it will start leaning toward your house or your backyard where the kids play. This can be a safety concern as the palm tree can fall any time. Even though pruning can reduce the weight of the palm tree, this cannot guarantee you that the palm tree won’t fall unexpectedly and so the best thing is to have the palm tree removed to keep your family safe. Also, when there has been a massive storm, and lightning hits your palm tree, it will be in bad shape. If it is near your home or your children’s play area, it needs to be removed as that is disaster waiting.

Safety of your property

In most cases, you will find palm trees that are very close to houses or other structures. They are close to homes to provide shade and also to clean the air around. Also, a palm tree adds beauty to a landscape, and that is why they are planted near houses and fences. When you realise that the tree is not in good shape, i.e. it is leaning towards your home, garage, fencing, and the like, you need to have the palm tree removed to avoid property damage that will cost you thousands of dollars to repair.

Your neighbours’ safety

It is always wise to be good neighbours. After all, you cannot survive alone. Therefore, always ensure that you mind the welfare and safety of your neighbours and their property. In the case of palm trees, you can have a palm tree that is near your neighbour’s property. When the tree is no longer safe being there, or it is jeopardising the safety of your neighbour, it is better to have it removed. Otherwise, you will have to deal with legal battles when the tree destroys their property or injure a member of their family. Do not wait until they complain to remove the palm tree.

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