Why You Should Study Criminal Law Adelaide

Are you interested in pursuing a career in law? Are you a licensed lawyer who wants to focus on a particular field of the law? If so, then you should consider criminal law Adelaide. It’s one of the most significant branches of the legal system that involves a lot of topics and subjects. In this article, you’re going to discover why you should study criminal law.


Short Introduction To Criminal Law

Criminal law is an area of the law in which most of us may know but are not entirely familiar with. Thanks to the popularity of crime dramas on television, most of us have a general understanding of what criminal justice is. But all of what you know about it is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to know about criminal law Adelaide.



To help you get a grasp of what criminal law is, we’re going to present various issues and scenarios that fall under criminal law:

  1. Paul accidentally shoots Mike (his close friend) dead in the course of attempting to kill John (whom he hates). Of what crimes, if any, should Paul be convicted, and why?
  2. Tiffany has been subjected to years of physical, emotional, and psychological abuse at the hands of her husband Rex for several years. One evening, fearful that her husband is going to attack her and her young son physically again, fatally stabs him. Should Tiffany be convicted of murder/manslaughter, or acquitted altogether? Do her actions qualify as self-defence? Why?
  3. A group of shipwrecked individuals, who ran out of food several days ago, conclude that the only hope for survival long enough to be rescued is to resort to cannibalism.

a. Should they, gang up on the weakest member of the group and kill him,

b. agree to draw lots as a means of identifying which of them will be killed for food, or

c.  not kill anyone and hope for rescue instead, despite the risk of them all dying.

If you ever watched the movie “In the Heart of the Sea”, this may be familiar to you.

All of these are examples of the sorts of issues that you will explore in your study of criminal law. If all of these scenarios spark your interest and you enjoy solving cases such as the ones mentioned above, then criminal law Adelaide may be your calling. Visit our website now and enrol to our online sessions about criminal law.