What You Need to Know About Skills Disability Support

Skills disability support offer specialisedservices to help aid learners with a disability to gain knowledge and national disability Skills Adelaiderecognised qualifications and skills. The standard operational model that Disability Skills Adelaide uses means that the learner with a disability can acquire flexible and convenient training assistance all throughout their entire training program. The skills disability support is here to help and is available to all pre-qualified suppliers. The goal of this program is to promote and support people who have different kinds of disabilities by making them undertake Australian Government-approved subsidised training.


How to Apply

For the pre-qualified supplier, here are the following steps for application:


  • Determine the learner’s training support needs.
  • Assess the learner’s capacity and eligibility to access the services using the Disability Skills Adelaide support guidelines.
  • Submit disability skills support application form to confirm an eligible learner.
  • The application can also be sent via email or to inquire further help in the completion of the application form.


If you visit the Disability Skills Adelaide official website, you can find several available resources to aid you in the application process:


  • Support face sheet: A comprehensive guide for learners with disabilities
  • Disability Skills Term of Use
  • Complete Instruction manual on how to apply for support
  • Instruction manual on how to manage and support effectively.




How clients are using Disability Skills Adelaide Support

The support for learners with disabilities is continuously growing by the minute. That’s why skills disability services aim to help learners with impairment to help them achieve their goals in training and go on to achieve positive outcomes in their employment. The support provided is essential in the learning of various people who have different kinds of disabilities.


The overall goal of this program is to help the ones in need and giving them the chance to succeed in life. Despite their limitations, they are still given equal opportunities to prove that they are worth something. With the skills disability support program, we can help turn their dreams into a reality. Just like several other people who are looking to bounce back in life, these people are also looking for their big break.


With this program, we can help pave the way towards them getting another shot at life. So if you’re interested in helping, you can also submit a separate application form to become a qualified member of the disability skills support team.