Acknowledging the Need for Stormwater Drainage Pits

Stormwater drainage pits provide clean, safe water to plants, gardens, pools, and other water features. It also helps to prevent the risk of flooding in homes, reduces the risk of sewer backups, and it eliminates the potential for flooding by runoff from underground storm drains.

Stormwater drains into a “wastewater pipe” located in the ground near your property line. The water is then directed to a stormwater drain pit, which is installed beneath the soil where it can be easily retrieved and cleaned. When it fills up in a storm drain, you will notice a “sinkhole.”

While this is the most visible sign of a drain issue, many homeowners are surprised to find out that they are responsible for draining their pipes during heavy rainfall, even when the water is only passing through their home and not directly entering it. Stormwater drainage pits can prevent this by eliminating the “sink holes” created by the overflowing storm drain water. It’s why you need affordable solutions for stormwater Adelaide.

Storm drains work to push high-pressure water out of a home. In some cases, however, the “downstream” water is not able to get to the primary sewer system and must drain into a stormwater drain pit. This creates a problem because the homeowner is not aware of the drain problem until the water begins to overflow into their home.

Many homeowners are surprised to learn how much damage a flooded home can cause. For example, a home without storm drains can suffer from mould growth because they will not be able to drain out any water. If this type of problem is allowed to grow and spread, the homeowner could end up with a costly health hazard. Mould may cause breathing problems, allergic reactions, asthma attacks, headaches, nose bleeds, and even pneumonia. Suppose you or anyone in your family has experienced any of these symptoms. In that case, it’s a good idea to make sure you have an emergency supply of clean drinking water for yourself and family members.

Affordable solutions for stormwater Adelaide help prevent flooding by diverting excess water away from homes that aren’t equipped with drain pits. Besides, they keep sewage from backing up into the central sewer system, preventing water damage to the pipes. Many people use drainage pits during severe rainstorms because it’s difficult to clean up and clean out the water after a storm has passed. When the water is moved to a stormwater drain, it is quickly disposed of without clogging the pipes.

There are some reasons to install drainage pits, but the most common reason is the prevention of flood damage. Stormwater drains into the drain pits and then flows out of them to prevent flooding. When water is back in the primary sewer system, the pipes could burst and cause a backup that could damage the system or the pipes.

Stormwater drainage pits are a cost-effective solution to an expensive problem that homeowners are facing. They are the perfect solution to reduce the amount of water and flood damage that is caused by large storms.


Some homeowners mistakenly believe that their home is equipped with drainage pits when it’s filled with debris such as leaves, grass, twigs, sticks, and other materials that could clog the pipes. When these materials accumulate, water collects in the pipes and begins to back up. This is when the homeowner’s plumbing system will fail, and potential flooding occurs.

Homeowners who live in areas that receive a lot of rainfall have realized the importance of drainage in helping to prevent this kind of flooding. Even if a house isAffordable Solutions for Stormwater Adelaide not equipped with a pit, they should still make sure that they regularly maintain the drainage system in their home by regularly emptying the drains to ensure that any excess water is removed from the pipes.

Stormwater drainage pits can be used to create a waterproof barrier that prevents water from backing up into the central sewer system. This makes it much easier to drain unwanted water and make the plumbing system more efficient and reliable.