Why Choose Clear Correct Over Traditional Braces?

If you are looking for a tooth straightening solution, you probably think of braces and traditional dental aligners. If you have tried visiting a local dentist, then those two options are the ones presented to you. However, you must know that there are modern alternatives, most of which work better in many ways. The perfect example is Clear Correct.

Clear Correct is a cosmetic dental solution that is unique compared to other options because you can have it customised based on your specific needs for tooth straightening. It is by far the most sophisticated treatment for correcting imperfections as well as spacing in between the teeth.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, then don’t worry because it is a relatively newer option compared to the traditional braces that all of us know. So, what makes Clear Correct the best choice for you? Before we dig in on the benefits, let us first describe it.

Most people will refer to Clear Correct as clear braces or invisible braces. However, it is not the most accurate definition of it. Instead, Clear Correct are clear aligners or trays that fit over the teeth, providing a painless and perfect placement.

While invisibility is what people love the most about Clear Correct, you should know that there are other vital advantages, too. So, let us look at the most notable ones:

1 – It’s a safe solution.

Clear aligners do not use brackets or wires that can irritate the soft tissue in the mouth or cause pain. The reality is that there are no things glued to the teeth that present the risk for snapping or breaking. Instead, they slide over the teeth, which means you can remove them to eat, brush and floss.

2 – They’re invisible.

Of the best things about Clear Correct is that it is ideal for people who want their correction to be discreet and subtle. Therefore, you enjoy the benefits of tooth straightening without telling everyone about it.

3 – It is a hygienic solution.

As we previously mentioned, having clear aligners implies that you will wear them all day, and only remove them when you have to eat or drink.  But the advantage that Clear Correct has over standard braces is that you can easily clean the teeth and gums, using floss with minimal effort. The process is not burdensome or annoying, which is why it is the best option when it comes to maintaining proper hygiene.

4 – It offers maximum comfort.

The lack of braces or wires means that you don’t worry about losing confidence. But the most critical benefit of Clear Correct is that it gives you a custom fit, which means that the comfort level it provides is beyond comparison.

Some might say that they would stick to conventional braces because of the affordable price, but there’s no denying the handful of perks you get out of Clear Correct at a tolerable price difference.