Verandah Ideas for Small Spaces

Setting up a verandah is an investment you can enjoy for the rest of your life with loved ones and friends. If it is built well and maintained appropriately, it can last for many years, even if space is smaller compared to regular verandahs.

If you’re wondering what you can do to beautify your outdoor living space further, there are expert-recommended ideas you may want to consider.

  1. Sofa Bed

Verandahs AdelaideOne sofa bed will be enough if your space is just enough for accommodating less than eight guests. The purpose of a sofa bed on your verandah is for senior family members who may appreciate reclining chairs. Other chairs for younger visitors can be made of wood to save up on space.

  1. Plants

If you don’t often have kids coming over, you can add several plants that blend with the theme of your home. Plants are highly recommended for homes with wooden furniture and brown shades. If your home’s overall design is modern or minimalistic, it’s best to opt for sleek or shorter plants.

You can also ask your verandahs Adelaide contractor regarding the trendiest plants or flowers that they often see in residential settings. Since they have a lot of experience in the field, they can help you make the right choice.

  1. Mirrors

You can hang a huge mirror or multiple smaller mirrors on the walls going towards the verandah. This idea is suitable for younger homeowners who often host home parties. For sure, your beauty and fashion-loving friends will appreciate your mirrored walls when they come over for a party.

  1. Art Pieces

Whether there are young children who come over or only adults drop by to visit, verandahs Adelaide contractors agree that art pieces are classy and smart additions for your outdoor living room. You can choose paintings, photographs, or even sculptures to add a gist of ancient tradition into the aesthetics of your verandah.

  1. Photos

Who doesn’t love looking at old photos of family members when they were younger? It’s not only an enjoyable activity while hanging out at the verandah, but it’s also equal to time well spent with friends and loved ones.



You can frame the photos for daily décor or hang them up using colourful strings and clips for special events such as family reunions or birthdays. You can ask your verandah contractor to allocate a wall space for DIY décor and other artsy ideas you have in mind.

Verandahs are the best outdoor spaces for family time. These airy and comfy home spots can be home to some of the best memories you can collect and store up in your heart.

Consult with a verandah expert today and discuss your design and theme preferences. Your contractor will recommend other necessary additions or tweaks to beautify the space further.